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Which hand should a woman wear a bracelet on

Which hand should a woman wear a bracelet on?

If you have a question on which hand to wear a bracelet, remember once and for all: do not create limits for yourself and do not fill your head with unnecessary thoughts. The function of bracelets, like any other jewelry and jewelry, is to decorate a woman and betray her self-confidence. Therefore, smart women wear a bracelet on the hand on which they are comfortable.

If you are right-handed, you will be more comfortable wearing bracelets on your left wrist. Accordingly, for convenience, it is better to wear left-handed on the right.

Despite the complete freedom of choice, there are some rules that will help girls decide which hand to wear jewelry.

8 recommendations for girls

Basically, they are all compiled on the principle of harmony:

  1. According to the rules of etiquette, a woman should wear a bracelet and a watch on different hands: a watch on the left, a bracelet or other jewelry on the right. The left-handed lady wears the opposite. But the stylists of the 11th century turn a blind eye to this rule and allowed women of fashion to wear a bracelet on one hand with a watch. The main thing is the combination of accessories. For example, wearing an expensive gold bracelet with a classic watch will look vulgar.On which hand should a woman wear a bracelet?
  2. If you wear a smart watch, you can put on several bright colorful bracelets along with it, and by doing so, you will only emphasize the delicacy of a woman's wrist and attract attention to yourself.
  3. If you really like your jewelry and you want to be noticed, then the bracelet should be on the dominant hand.
  4. The choice on which hand of the fair sex to wear the product should come from the style of the ring. It should harmonize with the bracelet. If, for example, the jewelry of a married woman does not fit the engagement ring, then it is better to wear the bracelet on the left hand.
  5. On one hand, you can wear bracelets from different materials: leather, wood, lace, stones. But you should not wear them together with products from precious metals. They have a very polar style.
  6. Bracelets on both hands are not considered bad taste today. Vice versa. It looks bright and modern. You can wear thick jewelry on one wrist, thin jewelry on the other. Or a wide bracelet can be supplemented with several thin ones. But not vice versa. For this image, the main thing is to choose the right clothes. Under textiles, casual or eye-catching hippie-style clothes are best suited. Under leather, you can even wear business clothes.
  7. If you are going to wear a dress with a dropped shoulder, put the bracelet on the same arm. Clothing with long sleeves should not cover the products. Experiment with short sleeves as you please.
  8. The brooch and bracelet should be on opposite sides.

But again, don't push yourself too hard. We create fashion and lifestyle ourselves!


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